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Dashboard doesn’t open when bbPress activated

  • wcreimer


    When I activate the latest bbPress (2.5.8) or SimpleRestrict (1.0.2) plugin then try to login to my site, the WordPress dashboard does not open. Instead, I simply get the home page of the site.

    To deactivate these plugins, I have to go to my site files, rename the “plugins” folder, sign in to the site (the Dashboard appears) then reactivate my plugins other than bbPress and SimpleRestrict. Signing out, then signing in shows me the Dashboard. I have repeated this procedure about 3 times with the same result. The site is

    If I activate bbPress (in order to use the Forums option), the site seems to work okay, but I can’t log in to the Dashboard.

    I recently redefined the site address URL and it seemed to make the necessary changes to the shortlinks okay. I can’t be sure, but this bbPress-Dashboard problem appeared around the time I made this change.

    I’m using the Twenty-ten theme with a child.

    Any suggestions what the problem might be?

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  • Robkk


    I can’t duplicate the issue you are facing.

    Maybe you redefining the site address url caused the issue??

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