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Customizing Search Results

  • hotconductor


    Right now if you hit search it brings up a giant list of every post that relates to that search. Instead I would rather it bring up an INDEX of the posts, instead of the full post with all details. In other words, I currently have to search through multiple pages to find what I am looking for, which involves hunting through the results. I would far rather a search string return an index of every post (just title/author or something similar) which has a post that relates to my search.

    Most people on our forum are looking for topics, not a specific word in a post. They want to comment on a topic, so receiving 4000+ posts instead of finding the topic index is very frustrating.

    Any thoughts on how I can customize the results that come back via search?

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  • DBGrover


    Wordpress 4.4.1, bbPress 2.5.8,

    , I found my way to this forum in search of answers to the same questions you’re posing. I found this recent topic which basically says that you may be able to achieve this result by editing the child theme, changing functions, or using an external search functionality like that of Google Custom Search.

    , could you be more specific about what code we would need to add to the child theme in order to achieve the functionality we’re looking for? I am capable of very basic code but my ability level is low so I’m hopefully looking for something I can copy in.

    Help please?

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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