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Custom Sidebar Problem

  • shootingtime


    While redesigning my website, I can not get the custom sidebar to work in the bbPress forum.

    Plugins I have installed:

    -Custom Sidebars

    -bbPress WP Tweaks

    Theme: Smart Mag
    Forum URL:

    This is how I got to where I’m at:

    Attempt #1

    1. I assigned bbPress to use the forum root slug /archery-bowhunting-forum/

    2. I created a page with the url slug /archery-bowhunting-forum/

    3. With the ‘Custom Sidebars’ plugin, I created a sidebar called ‘forums sidebar’.

    4. I checked the box entitled ‘Allow this sidebar to be replaced’ on the sidebar named “main sidebar”

    5. I went to the forum page (with the url slug /archery-bowhunting-forum/) and selected the ‘forums sidebar’ from the custom sidebar options

    This did not work. I tried it with another individual page and it did work so I assume it’s a bbPress specific problem.

    Attempt #2

    1. I installed bbPress WP Tweaks

    2. bbPress WP Tweaks gave me a widget called “bbPress sidebar” so I customized it.

    It didn’t work.

    I went to the forum page and selected “bbPress sidebar” in the option field. This didn’t work either.

    There is one way I did get the forum index page and the custom sidebar to show up at the same time. It happened when the url slug was different the the bbPress forum slug and I used the bbPress shortcode for the forum to show up. When I clicked on a subforum, the custom sidebar disappeared though.

    Please someone HELP!!!!!!!


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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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