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Creating Unique User Forum Role, Giving Said Users Special Forum

  • deiuos


    I thought this would be something really simple, and I’m sure it is — it just seems super unsimple for me to figure out how to do.

    I want to do two things:

    1) Give users on the forum a unique role. Instead of saying “Participant” as it normally does under their posts in the threads, I want it to say their unique role. Let’s just say it’s called “Super User” (which it’s not, but it’s an example).

    2) I want to give these unique users a forum that only they can post in. The forum restricts it so that only they can play in it. Let’s say this is the “Super User” forum. If you want to be apart of the club, you got to get your role upgraded.

    How do I achieve this? I am drowning in confusion.

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  • Robkk


    This might be custom development for now. You may need to hire a developer for this type of functionality.

    Here is a guide to help people create custom user roles with custom capabilities.

    Custom Capabilities

    The whole each user gets a private forum thing could be possible in the plugin bbPress Private Groups but I am not entirely sure. Having specific roles have their own forum is possible with the plugin though, a group of users not sure about just 1 specific user to each forum.

    Upgrading the role after they have done something is custom development also.

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