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Creating Page Showing Only One Forum Its Corresponding Topics/Discussions

  • mkbond


    Hello, there!

    We work with BuddyBoss but with a primary focus on forums/topics with bbPress.

    So I’m having issues with the hierarchy of forums and discussions and… I’m trying to have a page for each forum — with all of the discussions listed as a post grid (not BuddyBoss’ Forum Grids, need this to vary from page to page). So with regards to taxonomy and filters, I want to have the parent category defined as a particular forum, and the children categories to be the discussion within that same forum. Example: Need different pages for Recipes, and need a page for Desserts (forum) that shows all the different desserts (discussions/topics), not showing all the other forums (Desserts, Main Dishes, etc.) and their discussions (turkey, asparagus, etc).

    I’ve been playing with Beaver Builder and Gutenberg blocks, but it seems that some plugins have issues reading Custom Post Types, which is what forums and discussions/topics are. And the ones that can, like Beaver Builder, will only let you show the Post Type as Forums, and then you can filter to what forums you want to show, but if you only pick one, then it’s just one lone block. And if I set the Post Type to Discussions, then I have to list each discussion, one by one to display on the page (so each time someone creates a new topic/discussion, it would have to be added to this list).

    We are currently using Beaver Builder but I’m definitely open to other ideas for this. Here’s the Beaver Builder post I made if any of you are familiar with it: Standard Posts Module to Display Category‚Äôs Sub-Categories (Child)

    Any ideas or methodologies? I have a web app dev background and am not afraid to modify the functions.php or other files on the backend. See below for what I attempted based on Beaver Builder’s documentation. The second argument for ‘post_parent’ didn’t take, but the post_type did, if I’m not mistaken… leadershipx being the id for the Posts module, but I’ve been looking into wp_query as well (never coded anything yet with wp_query, but happy to learn).

    function fl_builder_loop_query_args_filter( $query_args ) {
      if ( 'leadershipx' == $query_args['settings']->id ) {
        $query_args['post_type'] = array( 'topic' );
        $query_args['post_parent'] = array( '4773' );
      return $query_args;
    add_filter( 'fl_builder_loop_query_args', 'fl_builder_loop_query_args_filter' );

    WordPress v5.5.1, BuddyBoss v1.5.3 (I don’t know where to find bbPress version inside BuddyBoss, but we have the most up-to-date version of BuddyBoss, so I would assume it’s the most recent version of bbPress)


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