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Create New Forum form missing visual editor (WYSIWYG, Rich text editor)

  • Anthony Carbon


    Hi Guys,

    I create a page where I can create a new forum. I have several solutions on how to display the visual editor (WYSIWYG, Rich text editor) using this shortcode [bbp-forum-form] but it is not working. instead it gives me a plain textarea without visual editor (WYSIWYG, Rich text editor).

    Solution found but not working on my end

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  • Robkk


    Is the TinyMCE editor showing in your regular topic forms as well?? If not then you would have to just enable Post Formatting in Settings > Forums.

    What specific code did you use to enable the visual editor.

    Does the forum form page work fine in a WordPress default theme like TwentySixteen. If not this could be plugin related. If it works fine then it is theme related and some function in your currently active theme could dequeuing bbPress scripts.

    If it is plugin related it could be a plugin that dequeue bbPress scripts unless its on forum pages.

    It might be possible to come across this issue while trying to minify or combining JavaScript files too.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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