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Convert reply_to parents failed

  • fasttimes



    I am in the process of importing my current phpbb forum to bbPress. Most of the data seems to have migrated but Convert reply_to parents failed. So any topic with multiple pages is not formatting correctly or is missing posts.

    According to the sources the migration script does the following steps:

    STEP 1. Clean all tables.
    STEP 2. Convert users.
    STEP 3. Clean passwords.
    STEP 4. Convert forums.
    STEP 5. Convert forum parents.
    STEP 6. Convert topics.
    STEP 7. Stick topics.
    STEP 8. Stick to front topics (Super Sicky).
    STEP 9. Convert tags.
    STEP 10. Convert replies.
    STEP 11. Convert reply_to parents.

    The steps from 1 through 10 were successful. Migration script failed on the 11th step.

    Site that we are importing from is:

    The phpbb forums where resynchronized prior to import.

    Being imported to WP 3.9 on testing server with new theme.

    Can you please offer some help to correct this.


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  • Tom Dyer


    Did you manage to fix this? I’m experiencing the same issue I think.

    Also, I get errors when running two of the ‘Repair Forums’ tasks:
    – Recalculate the position of each reply
    – Remap existing users to default forum roles

    Both tasks end up white-screening on me 🙁 I wonder if the task errors are related to the forum import failing?

    Argh! I missed this original topic, sorry 🙁

    phpBB does not actually have ‘threaded replies’ so you should see something more laong the lines of ‘No reply to’s to convert’ it most certainly should not be failing at that 11th step.

    Nor should it be ‘white screening’ for either “Recalculate the position of each reply” or “Remap existing users to default forum roles” tasks.

    I’m done for the night (9:30pm Local Time) so I’ll take a closer look at this tomorrow 🙂

    Tom Dyer


    Brilliant, thanks @netweb. I’ve actually started my own which is related to this (as well as a few other issues) here:

    phpBB Import Error(s)

    I’m happy to edit my post and link to this topic in regards to the repair tasks (if that’s preferable to you?) but there are other parts to my new topic that are not related to this single issue.

    @fasttimes Do you have any custom phpBB custom mods installed that may change some things in the phpBB database? I just tested my phpBB imports and they all worked fine, no errors for ‘reply_to parents’. In fact phpBB does not have ‘threaded replies’ included by default thus the reason I ask.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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