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content generator / forum scraper?

  • Brovashift


    Hi guys, dont know how you might feel about this…

    But I was wondering if anyone knows of a content generator / scraper (RSS) that could be used, just while things are getting off the ground.

    My forum will be focused towards health issues, so not exactly generic contect.

    Dont shoot me if this is a no no! 😆

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  • Robkk


    Creating topics from posts in an RSS feed is probably possible with the FeedWordPress plugin, you may have to make sure you configure it correctly for bbPress though.

    Turning bbPress into a feed aggregator or a re-aggregator is a great idea to bring discussion into your forums.

    How the imported content is presented and how much of it you are importing could be crucial to user engagement to your site though.

    Try not to steal some other sites posts though.



    Thanks for that Robkk… i will look into this.

    I don’t want this as a permanent solution, just while things gather pace. Nobody wants to post in a ghost town.




    Yeah it is best if you already have some kind of community then build your forums from that. Things that could build a community could be you being active in discussion in other social networks like on your Facebook page, Twitter, and Youtube channel. You could also easily build your forums if you have active commentators on your WordPress blog.

    There is also a plugin that could just replace the WordPress commment form with bbPress topics, so if you are an active blogger this will help drive your community to the forums.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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