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  • brooklynbrookie


    I have a issue regarding the Visual Editor within the forum page. I would like the visual editor within the forum edit page to be enabled so that I can give a image/text introduction to the forum. I have tried to install suggested plugins like “TinyMCE Advanced” and others but none of them directly solve the problem I am having. Example of what I am looking for:

    What I would like to be on the page:

    Wordpress: Version 4.5.2 running Untold Stories theme.
    bbPress: Version 2.5.9
    website forum page:

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  • Robkk


    Where exactly in the forums do you want to display this.

    In the default description area this might be a little too much for the default layout in bbPress. I say hire a designer and make the forum page title for each forum display nice and gold like how it is displayed, use the same font you chose to style the forum titles in bbPress (maybe in topic titles too for consistency), and keep the description similar to how you have it and just style it in bbPress using CSS. You might have to have heavily style and customize the bbPress templates to achieve a good looking layout like this. Place any bbPress templates in your child theme or custom made theme so they can easily be customized.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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