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Connecting Elementor’s bbpress widget to Forum Index

  • choiyugi67



    I have 0 knowledge about making website and such… but please help!
    I want to make it like this –
    1. Forum name clicked
    2. Goes to Single Forum Layout page with corresponding forum ID (Edited with Elementor).
    3. When posted Topic is clicked, It’ll show the post, reply threads and reply form.

    I’m using Elementor’s bbpress widget and has bbp Style Pack (My WordPress theme is twenty-ninteen).

    First, I made a page with Forum Index, and created a Forum. I created a Forum from WordPress dashboard “Forum”.

    Second, When I click this Title of the Forum, it takes me to a WordPress Theme without “Edit with Elementor” gives me Content missing error. I’m having a trouble with this too, it seems like I have to add: the_content (); code or <?php the_content(); ?> on somewhere in the Theme Edit on dashboard. None of the Google search matched what I see on my css and php code list.

    Third, I created 3 different sub-pages to Forum Index page to put in Elementor’s Bbpress widget, changed layout to Single Forum and input ID of the forum that I found from the Dashboard’s Forum section.

    Problem is here, I can’t connect when the Forum name is clicked, direct to the Single Forum page.

    I noticed that Breadcrumb of the Single Forum page is Home > Forums > Forum > Videos.
    “Home” is Home, I don’t have a page name “Forums”-where is this coming from?
    The name of the page with Bbpress widget (Forum Index) is “Forum”.

    From seeing this error, It seems like I have to edit directly onto the Dashboard’s Forums section. but with these Forum page I don’t have access to Edit with Elementor.

    I appreciate anyone’s suggestions and help! If you need any more information or need to clarify anything, please let me know.

    Thank you.

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