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Closed registrations

  • I’ve looked into the plug ins but can’t find what I was looking for, unless I missed it.

    I want to close my forum to new member registrations. The forum is solely for the use of my WPMU members to flick over to. I have the two integrated so I am not going to need forum reg only.

    I can’t find the admin section to control the membership registrations anyway. But I’m new probably missed that to.

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  • I put this in my .htaccess for my forums:

    Redirect /forums/register.php
    Redirect /forums/bb-reset-password.php

    Not so much a disable but ‘Ignore the man behind the curtain’.

    Like it – looks like a sound idea. Thanks

    I’ve just notice that is no .htaccess by default in the forum directory – Should there be?

    Only if you want pretty permalinks and all. If it’s not there, you can make one.





    I have

    My bbpress is at

    but I use a subdomain which redirects on it.

    I put an .htaccess file inside /bbpress with this content

    Redirect 301 /register.php

    Redirect 301 /bb-reset-password.php

    But it does nothing. Chmodd is 755.

    I try too with

    Redirect 301 /bbpress/...


    Redirect 301 (no start slashes)

    and it does not work either.

    Any idea ?

    Thanks !

    Any idea ?

    Different topic. We’re talking abotu closing registrations here :) Make a new topic for your request, por favor!

    (And chris – I was on topic :) He was asking why an .htaccess is needed in general, and I was explaining and telling him he could make one to alleviate his closed registration issh. It was all the same discussion and topical! :) )

    I closed the registrations the brutal way. ;) I removed all <form></form> in register.php and added a message instead. Quick and dirty, but effective since I’m using bbpress with wpmu+buddypress, so users don’t need to register in the forums.


    @pixelgirl Give me your forums’ link and I’ll see if I can register ;P you might still get spambots if they work out how to spam bbPress forums. Brutally brutal way would be to change $_POST && 'post' == strtolower($_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD']) in register.php in bbPress’ base directory to false, which would turn off processing for any data passed to the register page.

    Registrations are enabled via my wpmu for now, but this will be disabled after I launch the site. You won’t get 100% security of course, but at least it would decrease unwanted user registrations. I’ll check some bbpress plugins due to spam protection.


    I’ve found running SABRE with stealth mode on in WordPress stops 100% of our bot registrations and I just point bbPress at that. If you disable registration with either .htaccess or changing the function, it’ll put a complete stop to any registrations on the bbPress side, so you shouldn’t need any spam protection besides that unless you let unregistered users post. bbPress comes with Askimet installed anyway though.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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