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Changing the destination of “To Forums List”…

  • monovabona



    I embedded the Forum Index inside a WordPress page: . Created a new forum (‘General’). But when I open the new forum and afterwards want to go back to the original WordPress page where the Forum Index was embedded, I can’t. When I click the “To Forums List” blue button at the top of the new Forum, it goes to a new page – which is I guess is called ‘Forum Root’ (?). This page also displays a list of existing Forums like the original WordPress page where I embedded the Forum Index, but I don’t want to go to this page by clicking “To Forums List” button – I want to go back to the original WordPress page. How can I do this? How can I change the destination of the “To Forums List” button and point it to the original WordPress page (not just for one forum, but automatically for all new forums) ?
    I tried this by deleting the default Forum Root Slug “forums” from Settings and leaving the field blank, but this didn’t work. It only rendered the “To Forums List” button inactive. I also changed the default Forum Root Slug to the original wordpress page slug, but this did not work either. So, how can I do this?

    Also, if this cannot be achieved through the “To Forums List” button, then how can I stop this button from appearing in new forums and insert a custom button which will point to the original WordPress page?

    Please help me!

    [My bbPress version: 2.5.4 (don’t want to update this one at this moment), WordPress version: 4.3.1 ]

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  • Robkk


    You do not need to put the forum index shortcode in a page. And you can add content above the forum by editing the forum archive template if you copied it in a child theme in a folder called bbpress.

    The actual forum index/root page is the one that the forum list button is redirecting to.

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