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Categories in 0.901?

  • eyal8r


    I see some threads of integrating/patching earlier version of bbpress to accommodate Categories for forums. However- that was for version of 0.8xxx. I have version 0.901 and want to group my forums into categories. How do I do this? I’m shocked that this isn’t part of the standard install…

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  • I agree. It’d be great to have categories, or at least the ability to allow moderators to assign editor “tags” to topics which only moderators can edit. For example, you could assign a topic the tag or category named “Front Page”. That way, you can create a bbPress template/theme that shows the Editor’s Picks.

    mrhoratio, to do what you just said, if you’re logged in as a Keymaster, you can just select this at the bottom of a post: “Stick topic (to front)]” and then click the MOVE button.

    Hey bobby, thanks! I didn’t notice the “Stick topic (to front)” link before.

    However, there is a bug. If you click the “to front” link, the topic appears as a Sticky on the Latest Discussions list, but it disappears from the forum it was originally assigned. Seems like it should show up in both places. I did a test where I made a forum with one post in it. I made it Sticky on the front page. On the front page of bbPress, it shows the number of topics as “1” in that forum. However when you forum title, it doesn’t display any topic. Instead it takes you to a New Topic form.

    You can just click STICK TOPIC (not “TO FRONT”) and the topic will appear only at the top of the list of posts for that forum (and not the front page).

    Hey bobbyh. Is it possible to have it both on the “front” and within the topic as well?

    Ah, it looks like there is another thread about this problem:

    Stick to front removes topic from forum?

    However, there’s not solution yet. Strange.

    I just did some fiddling in the bbPress functions.php file located in the bb-includes directory. I may have found a possible fix:

    On line 167, look for this code:

    $q['sticky'] = 0;

    Then delete or comment out everything except for the semicolon at the end:


    This seems to make topics that are stuck to the front page appear in the forum as well.

    Warning: I’m not well-versed in php, so I’m not sure if this will break anything in bbPress. If there’s a more elegent solution, please post it.

    Sam Bauers


    This behaviour (which is intentional) can possibly be changed with a plugin.

    Although I tend to think the behaviour should change.

    The question was actually meant to be about categories. How are they to be added to BBPress? This is a pretty standard feature for forum applications. Why does it not appear to be available in v0.9, or am I looking in the wrong place?

    Sam Bauers


    Categories will be available in 1.0-beta.

    They are available in trunk now – although trunk’s installer is a little broken right now.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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