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Stick to front removes topic from forum?

  • When I stick to front, the topic disappears from its forum index. The topics count remains the same on the front page, but when you click into the forum, the stickied topic is not there.

    Is this a bug, or normal behavior?

    I’m using 0.8.3.


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  • Are you using the default template?

    I’m using K2 for bbPress. I’ve moved things around a bit, but I don’t think I deleted anything.

    I just tried with Kakumei and it’s the same behavior.

    I also tried it with different posts in different forums, and multiple stuck posts. It’s consistent: stick to front and the topic remains counted in the counts column, but does not display in the individual forum topic list.



    I see the same behavior on my forum,

    Sam Bauers


    This is by design at the moment.

    @sambauers: No, its a system function.

    Sam Bauers


    Yes, by design of the system… :)

    So I guess that’s how it works for the moment, unless one were to carry out some complicated core changes to bbPress?

    I just did some fiddling in the bbPress functions.php file located in the bb-includes directory. I may have found a possible fix:

    On line 167, look for this code:

    $q = 0;

    Then delete or comment out everything except for the semicolon at the end:


    This seems to make topics that are stuck to the front page appear in the forum as well.

    Warning: I’m not well-versed in php, so I’m not sure if this will break anything in bbPress. If there’s a more elegent solution, please post it.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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