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Can’t Edit the Keymaster’s profile?

  • I am the keymaster for my bbpress forum, and I want to change my email address, but it won’t let me.

    When I am logged in as the keymaster, in the front end, when I go to “View your profile!”, the edit link is “” and if you click on that you get the error “User not found.”

    Also, if I go to the admin area and click on Users, and then click Edit for the keymaster there, it also says User not found. (And the link there is too)

    For a normal user test account I made, the link is “” and when you click it it lets you edit the profile.

    Even if I type in the URL manually, filling in the keymaster’s username instead of test, it still says user not found.

    Is this normal?

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  • chrishajer


    1. What version bbPress did you install?

    2. Did you integrated with WordPress? If so, what version?

    3. Do other things work on your forum, like viewing existing topics? Trying to eliminate a permalink problem.

    bbPress 1.0-alpha-6

    Yes I did “simple” integration with WordPress 2.7

    Everything else seems to work fine on the site. I can view posts, edit posts, edit profiles of regular users.

    Sam Bauers


    Looks like the user has no “user_nicename” in the database. Manually add one.

    Wow, good call. That fixed it!


    Process of Illumination



    how do you add a “user_nicename” to a user? i am having the same issue, and am a noob.

    I have php myadmin, and checked the bb_users table: got lost after that.

    Thanks for any advice,

    the Process



    In the bb_users table, there is a field called “user_nicename”. In that field you need to add the user’s nicename. I would do all lowercase and no special characters, just to be safe and get you going. If your user name is Process_of_Illumination I would probably just try something that’s unique, but close to the user name: processofillumination for example.

    Process of Illumination


    Hi Chris,

    in my php myadmin i have the table “bb_users”, and many tabs (will try to translate from my language):


    if i click the first tab “SHOW” i see two users (I have 12 in my bb-admin/users.php) , and they both have a user nicename. The second user i see under the SHOW tab doesnt appear in my bb-admin/users.php.

    If i see a “user nicename” under the SHOW tab do i have to add one anyway? Or should i click the “INSERT” tab and do something there?

    I use Version 1.0-alpha-6, itegrated with WP 2.7.

    Thank you very much,

    the Process



    I think you need someone locally to help you with this. Trying to do this in a forum is just a sure way of leading you down the wrong path and doing something wrong. Do you have anyone who’s good with phpMyAdmin that you trust to take a look at this?

    Hi – I’m getting a similar error – only it occurs for some general users. I integrated BBPress 1.02 with WordPress 2.7. Everything seems to be working fine, but some users report getting a “user not found error” when the click on the “view Profile” link. I checked the database, and all have user nicenames. Any thought?



    sorry for my english, how can i accses to my admin, i cant found it, when i go to my it say error, if i go by i cant IN to the account, what can i do, help please

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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