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can’t delete topics or posts, and can’t access admin page

  • Hi, I have just integrated BBPress with WordPress, but cannot delete posts or topics, and I also cannot access the bb-admin page.

    I have two ways of logging in, one is through the main wordpress site, and the other is through the forum’s login section. It seems there is no problem when I log in through the forum directly, but the problem comes when I log in through the site and then access the forum (which is how the forum will be accessed).

    Any help will be appreciated.


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  • chrishajer


    What versions did you integrate?

    I’ve actually just joined the team and the guy who did it has left.

    How can I find out which versions I have?


    Login and open their respective dashboards. You can see the version there in footer.

    bbpress – “Version 1.0-rc-1”

    Wordpress – just a link to upgrade to version 2.8, it was set up about 4 weeks ago, so I’m guessing 2.7?

    Are you having the problem just when you login from bbPress? What is your problem exactly? Not being able to delete topics & posts when you login from bbPress? Can you do that when you login from WordPress?

    When I log in through my wordpress site, I can’t delete topics or posts. I also cannot access the bb-admin page, I just get redirected to the forum page of my site.

    When I am logged out, and type in the url for the bb-admin page, and log in directly, I can access it. I can also delete posts and topics.

    So logging in through the forum directly – everything is fine. But logging into the site and then navigating to the forum – I get these problems.

    People won’t be able to access the forum unless they’re logged in on the finished site, so it is really important that logging in through the site and accessing the forum allows everything to work properly.

    I have no idea what could be going on.

    Purge your cache and dump all site cookies. Then try again? I ran into that once, and it only seemed to affect my admin stuff. My regular posting stuff didn’t get affected at all.

    This doesn’t solve the problem. I am completely stuck now, I have no idea how to fix this.

    Anyone know what might be causing the problem?

    Anyone else know why this might be happening? I’m completely stuck :(

    It sounds like your integration didn’t take. What method did you use to integrate your installs?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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