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Cannot Export/Import bbPress

  • Bolder Elements


    I created a second wordpress site on my multi-site install of WordPress. All I want to do is copy everything, exactly as it is, from one site to the next. I’ve tried about 5 times now to do this and everytime something goes horribly wrong. I tried importing everything and then using the forum tools to reset the count thinking that would work, but all it did was remove every post from being assigned.

    Depending on how I’ve tried to import them, sometimes forums are not linked to the appropriate category, but every time only a small percentage of topics & replies are appropriately linked. Why does this happen?! Why is it so difficult tomove bbPress from one site to another? Does anyone have a way that would work better than using the WordPress Import/Export feature?

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  • Stephen Edgar


    Per my reply here:

    I have just created a ticket on Trac to add a bbPress 2.x to bbPress 2.x importer.

    I have no idea why I had never thought of, or had mentioned or requested previously to include this. It should be pretty quick and easy to do also.

    Bolder Elements


    Thank you! That was an unbelievably frustrating experience and I wasn’t expecting it so I sort of freaked out 😉 in the end I think the problem is how much the forum relies on the post meta take in the database. Exporting through WordPress does not copy these values so while my data was there nothing was linking up. I ended up manually copying the database rows and changing the ID numbers where needed. Hopefully a better export/import system will make it easier the next time I need to do this. Thanks for your consideration!

    Stephen Edgar


    The WordPress WXR Export/Import does include all the post meta, it includes everything that bbPress needs except for some idiosyncrasies for users such as bbPress roles and passwords as I outlined in the ticket.



    Are there any updates on importing an old bbpress forum? I am trying to do it at the moment and cannot seem to work it out.



    Wondering if adding a bbPress 2.x to bbPress 2.x importer will happen? If not, could you lead me in another direction after reading what I’ve already tried?

    The bbPress Import Export Plugin by wpfloor does not link the topics and replies to the forums when importing into an existing site.

    I have also tried using the WordPress Importer, then manually linking the topics and replies using PHPMyAdmin. Everything appeared to be linked properly in the backend after that. However, the topics and replies wouldn’t show in the frontend.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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