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Can you make it so a user’s posts are not filtered by Akismet?

  • chrishajer


    Right now, all my users are members, and I don’t want to make them moderators, but is there a user level I can assign to them to bypass the akismet check, so their posts go through without being checked for spam? What happens now is that if they user tinyurl for long urls or put more than about 3 or 4 (not sure exactly) links, akismet flags them as spam. I would like to use akismet, but I don’t want my regular member’s posts to be filtered.

    Can that be done?

    I am using .73 but am upgrading to .80 in the next couple of days, if that matters. And I am half-way integrated with WP – the users appear in the WP users page. Oddly, there, most are marked “no role for this blog” although in bbPress > Users they are marked as members.

    edit: I should have said “specific user’s posts” – right now, I have akismet turned off so no member’s posts are checked by akismet, but I wonder if there’s a way to “approve” certain members?

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  • chrishajer


    Here is the section of akismet.php that I saw that led me to believe I could assign a level to a user to make them ‘trusted’:

    In akismet.php, around line 119:

    function bb_ksd_check_post( $post_text ) {
    global $bb_current_user, $bb_ksd_pre_post_status;
    if ( in_array($bb_current_user->roles[0], bb_trusted_roles()) ) // Don't filter content from users with a trusted role
    return $post_text;

    This is something that mdawaffe is working on to be implemented in the next version of bbPress because it is almost a ‘bug’ to have certain users even tested against Akismet and the topic check with Akismet will be obsolete here soon. This will definetely be in the next major release!




    Well, 3 months later here am I to ask if it’s done or it’s a work in progress yet?



    I’m not sure. You could grab 1.0 alpha or you could wait for the next major release which is when it was actually promised for.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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