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Can see forum index :) but can't work out how to get into individual forum :(

  • Heavenlyz


    Wordpress version: 3.5.1
    bbPress version: 2.3

    Apologies if this is considered cross-posting, as this appears as a reply to another thread (but that other thread title isn’t similar). The other thread is…

    Ok, so newbie here who knows html and understands coding but is really keen to not screw up the site that someone else has built for me (so apologies if the answer is above and I’m not seeing it).

    The site is and, I think, I’m using the “Nollie” theme.

    I’ve installed bbpress, created a couple of forums and – via the great info on this thread – created a page called “Boardroom”, into which I’ve inserted the “[bbp-forum-index]” shortcode. Hey presto, after much head scratching, I can now see a forum index on…woohoo

    But, my next challenge is to be able to open one of the forums shown. Am struggling with this.

    Having searched, the most relevant answer seems to be…

    If you think there is a better (read “easier” 🙂 solution, then please suggest but if not, please read on…

    Because I am using the Nollie theme – I think – the parent/ child argument in that thread doesn’t apply, so am looking at changing the root page.php only (to be honest, I wouldn’t know how to work out whether the child page exists/ how to find the child page).

    In the thread linked to above, Lab says

    Next, change the entry div as shown, to modify the current conditional check to ALSO see if you are on a bbPress page. Without this extra bit, it assumes that you want the page to show the_excerpt() on every page other than single.php …. not true. We want full content on bbPress pages as well

    But my page.php says…

    ID, ‘mfn-post-layout’, true) ) {
    case ‘left-sidebar’:
    $class = ‘ with_aside aside_left’;
    case ‘right-sidebar’:
    $class = ‘ with_aside aside_right’;
    $class = ”;

    Where’s the “entry div”? Apologies if this is a laughably stupid question.

    All help appreciated. N.b. As I’m learning, to start with, I’d rather keep the changes simple and effective rather than complex and golden.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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