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Can I use the forum as a page in WordPress?

  • Is this possible? Lets say I have a link to the forum, and it loads like a normal page?

    I have quite good space for pages and posts in my blog (580 px wide), and I think it would be nice if I could load the forum inside the main site.

    In that case – Is there a way to get rid of the top menu like you guys have on this site?

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  • This is just a custom theme.

    You could do it by making either a page with a redirect to the forum, or just a link to the forum in the header, and then theme your forums to look like your site.

    All the cool kids do it ;)

    How can I turn a page into a redirection?

    And is it possible to remove the header completely, and just have the forum posts appear? With nothing else? Or else, it will look like I have two headers below each other.

    you make the forum template look like the wordpress one. Then you add a link on the header.php file in wordpress to your forum. if it’s the same page as your profile it shouldn’t be too hard since your login is just a link.



    @ Marius – If you create a wordpress page with the same name of the directory where the forum is, it will automatically take you there, because the directory overrides the page.

    If the forum is in a directory called “forums”, just create a page called “forums” and publish. The tab will appear in the blog menu as a new page and when you click on it, it will take you straight to the forums. I have done it this way too.

    Theme the forums like your wordpress template, like Ipstenu and gerikg have suggested and it will look perfectly integrated. To do this, you can use the Kakumei default theme, edit the header and footer files to look like the blog header and footer (background image, etc.), and match the css in the stylesheet where needed.

    Hope this helps.

    I just created a page called Forum, and indeed it redirected me to the forum.

    But, I can’t make a theme that fits into my website. I use two columns, with one being the sidebar with widgets. It’s not possible having the forum appear like a normal page, with the sidebar intact is it?



    When I edited the Kakumei files, I recreated a sidebar to match the look of the blog with the forum tags and other stuff (blog latest posts, etc.), but without the widgets. The look still matches the blog, though the content of the sidebar is different. Whatever you have as text widgets in the blog you can always hard code in the forum sidebar.

    The “sidebar” is in front-page.php, under

    <div id=”hottags” role=”main”>

    hard code any sidebar content there, then match the css in the stylesheet. You can even float the div to the right, rather than the left, depending on your blog’s theme.

    Thats too complicated for me. I’m not an expert coder at all.

    I barely manage to change colors and sizes in the CSS. Just moving the search-bar is a several hour project for me lol.

    I was hoping there was an easy way out, just to make the forum load in the normal page-window, like a normal post would have. Give it the value of a post or something. But recreating a brand new template, and all that stuff, is way too hard for me.

    It can be frustrating, I would recommend another forum product (I don’t know if it’s okay to put the URL here????? can someone give me the okay?) which is a plugin. the only problem with this product is that they don’t have widgets to show on WP.

    Nah, I’ve been sitting up all day long the last few days, editing the look of bbpress. I’m gonna use it.



    @gerikg – there’s no prohibition so far as I know about putting a link to another software package. I can’t speak officially, but I’ve never seen one removed. We’re all just looking for the right tool for the job.

    I did this at and

    I used the WP Plugin (page links to) and then added a new page named forum to my WP site with a redirect (Page links to) to my forum.

    With the forum I had to manually add links in the footer (or header) to link back. It was pretty easy and I think it looks ok. I have not themed the forum to mimic WP as of yet, to much else to do first!

    I’ve abandoned this idea now. Until BBPress makes this ALOT easier to achieve sometime in the future.

    I added a link to the forum on the mainsite, and it opens in a new window. Looks good.

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