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Can I use bbpress user system, for my site?

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  • Please be patient. Waiting about an hour between bumping is a little rude for a forum full of volunteers :)

    What are you using for the rest of your site? PHP pages, WordPress?

    sorry, ill be using php pages, custom made, my pages will be outside of the /forum/ folder where bbpress will behoused, is it still possible to use its user system outside of the /forum/ folder.

    many thanks for helps.

    It should be possible but I don’t know of any tutorial written to do so. I’d be inclined to say make your regular website with WP and integrate them, but that would be the lazy way 0:)

    Well, I just learnt OOP, sessions, cookies, security, mysql injections prevention, static methods etc etc…

    in the past couple of weeks, so I built my user system, thanks for your patience Ipstenu.

    Lucky I had Visual Basic training at college so learning PHP to the extent i have now, was easy.

    although I think, you might get some more threads asking similar questions.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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