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can a user login and be taken straight to the forum?

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  • Robin W


    where are they logging in? are you using the bbpress login wideget or going via WP-admin If using wp-admin, then take this away from them….

    I use bbpress WP tweaks, this creates a forum specific sidebar.

    Into this you can drop the BBpress login widget, which means that when they go to your forum page, they then get to login using the widget and remain on that page.

    Like you I then give them “no role for this site”, and “participant” for the forum.

    I also untick the “show toolbar when viewing site” , so that they don’t see anything wordpress-ish, just my theme. They can amend passwords and profiles through the forum, so don’t need it.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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