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Calling the loop by ID possible?

  • Just curious if this is also possible by making my own templates tags.

    This way i could make different loops (forums) for each section of the forum.



    Will this only take-/run forum ID 4 or the troubles forum-/topics loop ?

    Same as WordPress ?



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  • I’ve got this..

    (changed all linking files by adding a -4)

    <?php while ( bbp_forums() ) : bbp_the_forum(); ?>

    <?php bbp_get_template_part( ‘bbpress/loop’, ‘single-forum-4’ ); ?>

    <?php endwhile; ?>

    Problem is i have to tell bbp_forums to only get and show forum ID 4.

    I would like to list every forum ID on it’s own template like this:

    My new Forum

    Install (forum-ID=2)

    troubles (forum-ID=4)

    plugins (forum-ID=14)

    Now i have given each forum it’s own ID and own template file by duplicating the original template file that bbPress uses for every forum ID and adding an it’s unique forum ID number behind it.

    Everything is going fine the right files are been read the only problem i face is i can’t find a way to say only export forum ID-4 in ID-4 template file.

    Now i get this on my homepage.

    My new Forum

    install (forum-ID=2)

    install (forum-ID=2)

    install (forum-ID=2)

    troubles (forum-ID-4)

    troubles (forum-ID-4)

    troubles (forum-ID-4)

    plugins (forum-ID=14)

    plugins (forum-ID=14)

    plugins (forum-ID=14)

    I think i have to do something with WP Query’s i think?

    But where, who and when?

    Would be very nice if somebody knows the answer to this.

    Something else i was thinking about..

    What if i make this loop-single-forum template file empty..

    <?php bbp_get_template_part( 'bbpress/loop', 'single-forum' ); ?>

    And after that i include a PHP code that says..

    If forum_ID = ‘2’ go get file loop-single-forum-2.php

    if forum_ID = ‘4’ go get file loop-single-forum-4.php

    if forum_ID = ’14’ go get file loop-single-forum-12.php

    Else die or loop-single-forum.php

    Would that help me out?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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