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Bug Report on bbpress codes

  • bschaich


    Looks like bbpress codes are not computing if they appear on a front page.

    1. Make a new page and name it foo
    2. Enter the string “[bbp-forum-index]”
    3. Check the preview of page (Everything should work as expected)
    4. Save the page and publish
    5. Goto settings -> Reading and set the page “foo” as front page
    6. Call your site.

    What should happen is that nothing appears on the page, except its title.

    Versions: WordPress 4.3.1, bbpress 2.5.8
    Wordpress is running in MU mode. Dont know if this is really an issue.

    Man, this took me a million calls of that front page to get it. It might also have destroyed the structure somehow, as somtimes I had the impression that bbcodes did not work at all. This went away after using the restructure feature/tool.

    With best regards,

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  • Robkk


    I cannot replicate this issue on the default single site installation of bbPress, or on multisite, using the bbPress forum index shortcode.

    Glad you fixed it using a tool?? Do not know for sure what tool exactly you are talking about though.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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