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blog subscription register with all forums

  • jwyse


    It appears when user use blog subscription to register for blog, user gets full registration to both blog and bbpress forums. I am not sure if it gives access to newsletter too.
    Ideally, when user clicks either blog, newsletter or forum anywhere on site, I would like a new page with check boxes for user to confirm:
    1) Register for weekly Blog
    2) Register to receive Newsletter
    3) Register to receive all forums for community or make selection below
    Forum A
    Forum B
    Forum C
    Forum D
    Forum E

    I am comfortable creating forums but is it possible to link True or False status of the check boxes to Jetpack registration widget and bbpress forums?
    Many thanks,

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  • Robin W


    user will get forum access as per

    dashboard>settings>forums>auto role – you can change this to blocked if you don’t want automatic access.

    The rest of your request would require some bespoke code, which is well beyond any free help I’m afraid.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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