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Blank page after login or registration

  • Hi,

    I installed bbpress and adapted the design, but now, when a users attempts to register or login, appaers a blank page or apparently does nothing.

    When I reload the bbpress page (for example, the user appaers login it.

    How can I do resolve the problem with blank pages? Thank you,

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  • Nothing off the top of my head. Do you have a URL to test on?




    If you are getting a blank page, you probably have a syntax problem in one of your template files that’s creating a PHP error, and your host just stops on errors. Try using the default theme and see if things work. If they do, then try looking at the files you modified for a PHP syntax error.

    If you have access to a php error log, you can look there for information too.

    I’ve just set up a bbpress forum and everything seemed to work one day, then the next it stopped. All registrations and new posts would lead to a blank page. I couldn’t find the problem in the code, reinstalled a few times, and eventually I found out it was because of akismet. For some reason, it was flagging new registrations and posts as spam or something. It would leave the page blank, so I never knew what was going on.

    I’ve removed the API key from my config.php and everything works fine. My forum is currently unlinked because I’m still setting up. But I would like to get akismet working before the spam hits it ;)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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