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Be sure to install WordPress Firewall 2

  • I have forum site that still under develop and not publicly announce yet and I already have some attacks.

    I think it use ‘GD bbPress Attachments’ upload feature, and upload a php file. I believe that the plugins itself have great security feature that i will investigate later. But I have second layer security system using WordPress Firewall 2 that inform me as below via email. Here my latest attack

    WordPress Firewall has detected and blocked a potential attack!

    Web Page: ******.com//wp-content/plugins/1-flash-gallery/upload.php?action=uploadify&fileext=php

    Warning: URL may contain dangerous content!

    Offending IP: 178.137.166.*** [ Get IP location ]

    Offending Parameter: $_FILE = index.bak.php

    This may be a “Executable File Upload Attack.”

    Click here for more information on this type of attack.

    If you suspect this may be a false alarm because of something you recently did, try to confirm by repeating those actions. If so, whitelist it via the “whitelist this variable” link below. This will prevent future false alarms.

    Click here to whitelist this variable.

    Click here to turn off these emails.

    Repeated warnings for similar attacks are currently sent via email, click here to suppress them.

    An now I will do some full server check up, hope it clean. Tell me what you think..

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