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bbPress with custom permissions

  • David Wang


    Hi! I’m new to bbPress and have some questions. I wouldn’t mind paid consulting so if you’re an expert please let me know how to get in touch.

    I run a business providing support plans which customers subscribe to for ongoing tech support for their WordPress site. I want to have a system where I am able to log all the support activities for each customer. Each post would then be a support incident for the customer. They would then be able to login to see a history of the activity in their account.

    I am thinking of creating a forum for each customer and a new thread (topic) for each support incident. Customers are not allowed to create new threads – they can only comment. My question is how to setup bbPress so that:

    1. Customers can only view threads in forums that they have access to
    2. Customers can only comment on existing threads and cannot create new threads
    3. Customers receive notifications of new threads to forums that they are assigned to.

    I would really appreciate any pointers. Thanks all!

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  • Lynq


    That’s going to need quite a bit of custom work, unless someone knows of a plugin you can use.

    You will need to somehow map the user to their forum and then in their custom login page pull all the topics based on that users forum id.  I can see how it could be done.

    When the customer registers you could create the forum, update the user_meta with that forum id and then have a custom view which fetches the customers user_meta forum id and then displays all of the topics based off that forum id.

    Good luck!



    hello @blogjunkie. for number 2 and 3 u can install User Role Editor to manage your customers access roles. for number one you have many different ways! please explain it more!

    David Wang


    Thanks @lynq and @mostafaghanbari. That’s something to think about..




    Sorry to jump in but this is exactly the function i am looking to implement.

    Did you get anywhere with it?

    I have found various plugins that will allow you to do option 2 and 3 but your first option is where i am also stumped. Justins “members” plugin seems to look like it should option 1 but it does not seem to.

    Like you i basically need a way of making forums or topics only visible to a specific member and the admin.

    for example:

    I post a topic “Johns support topic”

    When i log in as admin i can see it and participate in it.

    When other users log in they cannot see it or participate in it.

    When John logs in he can see it and participate in it.

    The issue is i will need a large amount of these “Support topics” so cannot make John able to see “hidden_forums” etc.

    Thanks, any advice is appreciated.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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