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bbpress will not use my bbpress.php

  • CraigIW



    I have bbpress plugin in a WordPress 3.4.2 MU site, with a single instance in the root and /forums. I have a very basic child theme of TwentyEleven which makes some header and CSS tweaks.

    Once I activated BBPress, I found that it is displayed using the sidebar. This crushes the forum to the left, so I wanted to get rid of it for the forum page. I read that by default BBPress will use the page.php from the TwentyEleven theme, and to copy that to my child theme, remove the call to the sidebar and name it bbpress.php would override it. Well, for a start, the TwentyEleven page.php does NOT contain the sidebar. After searching the filesystem I found that sidebar-page.php does, so I copied that to my child theme folder and named it bbpress.php, removed the get_sidebar() call, and also set the template name as Template Name: Forum Template in the bbpress.php file.

    It did not work. My forum is still showing a sidebar. It does not seem to be using the bbpress.php file at all.

    Is there a guide somewhere on how to get BBPress to display without the sidebar when using MU and a child theme of TwentyEleven?

    As I said, my child theme if very simple. It is literally a header.php and styles.css, and I have now added bbpress.php. What do I need to do to get BBPress to use my bbpress.php template?

    Can I add that a LOT of the helpful-looking links on here lead to 404 pages, which really hasn’t helped in trying to figure this out. It would be great if those could be fixed up somehow?


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