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BBPress Topics and BuddyPress Forums issue

  • I’ve been trying to solve an integration problem between BBPress and BuddyPress. One or two online forums allude to the problem but don’t provide a satisfactory solution. Any help would be appreciated…..

    The Issue:

    I’m running both BBPress and BuddyPress on a WordPress 3.1 installation. Everything is working fine (I think) except for my inability to show/publish forum topics (written using the backend interface) in the front-end BuddyPress Forum. I can write and publish the forum topics at the front end, but using the backend allows me to add hyperlinks into the topic post itself – a functionality I want to use.

    BBPress Tags and Forums written at the backend show in the front-end without any issues. It’s simply the topics written at the backend that don’t show in the front-end forum…..

    Do I need to create some kind of integration loop that allows a synchronisation between the BBPress topic and BuddyPress forum (which essentially seem to be the same thing)? Is there a plugin that I’m missing that can resolve the issue instead…

    My apologies if you have answered on this issue before – I’m on a steep learning curve with website development but am responding fast…I just need to find a written solution which is much clearer for me (and probably many others) to understand!!!!


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