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bbPress Top 100 September '08 update

  • _ck_


    It’s time for the (completely unofficial) TOP 100 report!

    I am very pleased to report the list has swelled to OVER 4000 sites, even though 200 sites have been dropped since last month due to domains expiring, disappearing DNS or other reasons. This means in the past 30 days, well over 1000 sites have been added!

    This month also brings new features to the list – considering it’s now overwhelming size I have added a basic search ability to the Top 1000 list.

    (Top 1000 requires free registration/login)

    User voting on sites is still pending, sorry (my limited time has unfortunately been taken doing plugin fixes for 1.0 alpha). I hope to have it working in time for bbPress’s TWO YEAR birthday next month (October 14th).

    This month I have also calculated some additional, interesting statistics on the data to give a better analysis of bbPress’s incredible growth…

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  • _ck_


    bbPress is currently installed on at least 5,000 sites.

    Here is a breakdown of bbPress forums by total posts:

    Posts 		Count
    0 - 99 3,000+
    100 - 999 640
    1,000 - 4,999 180
    5,000 - 9,999 52
    10,000 - 49,999 44
    50,000 - 99,999 12
    100,000 - 499,999 7
    500,000 - 999,999 2

    By my calculations, a bbPress forum will break a million posts by the end of this year!



    bbPress is being used in over 80 countries (or regions).

    Here is a sample in order of popularity:

    .  1. United States
    2. Germany
    3. Spain **
    4. United Kingdom
    5. Russian Federation
    6. Italy
    7. Turkey
    8. France
    9. Sweden
    10. China
    11. Denmark
    12. Netherlands
    13. Canada
    14. Japan
    15. Europe
    16. Romania
    17. Czech Republic
    18. Brazil
    19. Norway
    20. Austria
    21. Poland
    22. Australia
    23. Switzerland
    24. Hungary
    25. India
    26. Chile
    27. Belgium
    28. Argentina **
    29. Indonesia
    30. Finland
    31. Ukraine
    32. Saudi Arabia
    33. Greece
    34. Lithuania
    35. Israel
    36. New Zealand
    37. Slovakia
    38. Latvia
    39. Mexico **
    40. South Africa

    ** This list is subject to some inaccuracies based on guesstimates of language used or target audience. For example, a page in Spanish may be intended for an audience in Mexico, Argentina, or in Spain. A page in Arabic may be intended for several countries in the middle-east, etc.



    A new feature this month is an analysis of Server and PHP software popularity. What’s interesting is how Apache use is slowly being eroded by other options. Also, PHP4 is still VERY popular (1 in 3 servers use it!)

    Server Popularity (alphabetical order)
    Abyss/ : 2
    Apache : 800+
    Apache/1.3 : 900+
    Apache/2 : 40+
    Apache/2.0 : 800+
    Apache/2.2 : 1000+
    Ideawebserver/v0.50 : 3
    Lighttpd/1.4 : 15
    Litespeed : 20
    Microsoft-IIS/5.0 : 12
    Microsoft-IIS/6.0 : 80+
    Microsoft-IIS/7.0 : 2
    Nginx : 19
    Nginx/0.3 : 2
    Nginx/0.5 : 17
    Nginx/0.6 : 10
    Nginx/0.7 : 2
    Webserverx : 16
    Zeus/4.3 : 2

    (abnormalities and unknown entities have been dropped)

    PHP Popularity (by version)
    4.3 : 200+
    4.4 : 900+
    5.0 : 40~
    5.1 : 200+
    5.2 : 2000+



    Well that’s all for now, hope you enjoyed it.

    Your feedback and ideas are encouraged.

    I should note that sites that seem to be spammer operated or that I detect are infected by XSS scripts have been dropped from the list. There are currently eight sites affected by XSS and I have attemped to notify the owners (apparently without success). These infections are not from a bbPress fault but rather the overall security of their server and other software running on the site (otherwise it would be rampant).

    Viva Chile Mierda !!!

    Great work, _ck_. Thanks.



    September also features the first site to be purposely excluded from the listings. Not that I am passing judgement on it as there are other sites far more dubious that are in the list where the content is not their own.

    It’s impressive in that someone wrote a bbPress to Usenet gateway. But its not right to include it on the list since there will be millions of posts in no time at all and they use a fake subdomain for each group.

    At least it proves bbPress can handle such a load. They are going to really want my Super Search plugin (not released yet).

    I do wish they’d share the code they made to accomplish that however, especially considering they seem to be using my theme, my plugins, my favicon, etc.

    (What I really want is a Mailman to bbPress gateway!)



    I wonder if the find answers site is related at all to this inquiry:



    I’ve done some research (and actually got an email from the find-answer owner out of the blue today) and I believe the site/request are unrelated.

    But it does prove that it would be a wanted plugin.

    Google/Yahoo might not like all the duplicate content however so “noindex” might be a good idea to prevent being search-engine banned.

    Another consideration is that I believe bbPress keeps a full index on post text, so the table size for posts would become non-trivial for such a forum.

    Mark Barnes


    Slightly intrigued to come across this. I’m behind although it’s not in my profile, because (a) it’s not a personal site, and (b) it’s not officially released.

    _ck_ How did you find it? I’ve not linked to it nor told anyone about it! Check the administrator profile, you’ll find the site has only been up four days! (So it wasn’t even live when the September top 100 was put up.) That is one reason I’m not yet sharing the code. Quite simply, it doesn’t work properly yet.

    The other reason I’m not yet able to share the code is that I need to make sure the licence I want to use is compatible with the licences of the borrowed nntp libraries.

    If it’s any interest, one of the forums currently has around 475,000 posts. That equates to 411Mb of MySQL data in all the bbpress tables (including indices). The posts table has 208Mb of data and a 162Mb index.

    _ck_ They’re not fake sub-domains. I’ve simply grouped forums into helpful ‘clusters’ and added a subdomain (actually a separate bbpress installation) for each cluster (why buy a new domain for each site?). They look fake because just contains a tiny bit of php code which scans my database tables for the separate installations and presents it in a forum like view. But each site is a separate installation.

    Finally, the main purpose of this was to present data from non-propagating newsgroups which most people can’t access. It was largely curiosity that led to me create subdomains for publicly accessible newsgroups. I’ve no idea whether Google will like it or not. There’s certainly other NNTP mirrors out there that do get indexed.

    And you’re quite right about me needing the SuperSearch plugin! It is me that you’re talking to here:

    15. Europe

    He? Europe is a continent not a country ;-)



    I did say “or regions” which should cover Europe ;-)

    “Europe” is triggered by the use of the .eu domain

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