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Bbpress redundant H1 tag

  • Vivian E



    On this page on my site. I can see that bbpress insert/edict link form is causing my site to have redundant H1 tags. This is bad for my Bing SEO as it’s showing up as something I need to fix. So I have 2 H1 tags. One is the tittle of the page and the other one is coming from the link insert/edict form on my site “front end source cod” that’s a feature created by bbpress.

    Please can that insert/edict form have H3 tag please ? is there a way to course the form to have a H3 tag and not a H1 tag??

    Secondly the form edict menu does not function properly. The form link and other menus does not show or work on the “reply box” on the front end even if I’m accessing the site as an admin! Also the “create a new topic form” the insert/edict link form doesn’t show up on a pop up but instead shows up on my footer. I’m using both the latest version of bbpress and wordpress.

    I will really like to fix this issues. thanks for any help or advice that would be provided for this issue!!

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Viewing 3 replies - 26 through 28 (of 28 total)
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