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  • We’ve got a set of new site editors here on, and so I wanted to start a thread for everybody to track anything they think could be improved in the copy and documentation of

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  • Gautam



    That’s great news! ;)

    Documentation needs:

    1) Definitive integration directions.

    1a) Integrate a new WP and BB install

    1b) Integrate existing WP with new BB

    1c) Integrate new WP with existing BB

    2) Better Theme directions

    Unlike WP, BB by default uses ‘child’ themes, so unless your first step in CSS is to wipe out all settings, you’re going to have weird legacy going on there, which throws people off.

    3) Upgrading

    The upgrade used to leave out things like ‘save your .htaccess’ but it looks like that’s finally be addressed so never mind

    Everything could use some screenshots. Like the upgrade says the upgrade button is really obvious, well, show us WHAT it is. A picture speaks 100 words.



    ::cough:: sorry something in my throat.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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