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bbpress not displayed in new update buddypres version 1.6.1

  • Hello
    bbpress forum does not display in the new beddypress. What should I do? Please Help. Thanks.

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  • miguelcortereal


    Here the same, Buddypress activity stream doesn’t pull forum activity.

    I’ve already posted this issue at Buddypress Forums and @Paul Gibbs advised to post here too once that bbpress handles all integration with Buddypress.

    I’m using:

    WP 3.4.1
    Buddypress 1.6.1
    bbpress 2.1.2



    @miguelcortereal I have the same WP 3.4.1, BP 1.6.1, BBP 2.1.2 setup and am not having a problem with bbpress activity showing up on the activity stream. Could it be a theme or plugin conflict?

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    Tried to deactivate all plugins, then tried to switch for buddypress default theme and the result is the same. No forums updates at activity stream.

    By the way, are you using group forums or site wideforums, or eventually both enabled but using only one of them?



    I’ve been going crazy with this and what I’ve concluded is this:

    • I’ve made a new fresh installation of WP, Buddypress and bbPress on a subdomain, without any plugins more, tweaks or whatever.
    • My setup was sitewide forums.


    Then I’ve switched to Group forums and it works perfectly.

    In the process I found another bug for sitewide forums: At user profile page –> forums option –> topics replied to, it gets blank.
    I’ve confirmed this bug at buddypress testdrive site, it has the same problem.

    So I believe that for now sitewide forums has no buddypress activity integration.

    Should I open a ticket ?

    I’ve found a solution for this. It involves adding support for custom post types in the activity feed. As ‘forum’ is a custom post type you can add this (as well as other) post type’s updates to activity feeds.

    The solution is over in the BuddyPress forums:

    The code that I got working is here:

    Add ‘forum’ to the $media array to see sitewide forum activity. It only appears to work for content added after this is set up.

    The version of the code at the bottom of this page:

    Is intriguing to me as it allows you to customize the phrasing of the activity notices, but I was unable to get it to work.



    One other thing to be aware of is that currently activity feed integration doesn’t seem to be working if you’ve made your site private (using Settings->Reading or Settings->Privacy). Try allowing your site to be indexed and see if that solves the integration problem. There’s an open ticket for this issue if anyone is interested:

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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