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BBpress moving issues, repair problems and other questions

  • havealookhere


    Hi all,

    I have some questions regarding bbpress because some things are driving me nuts.


    I wanted to move my bbpress from a website to another website with a different domain. I have searched a lot, but till now there is no good description about moving bbpress. Is it still like there is no plugin or tool for this?

    So I have exported the forums and topics and replies with the “Tools export” and imported them with “tools import”. Ofcourse it did not work. So i tried to use the repair settings of bbpress but with no luck. The recalculating stuff breaks the forum even more. At the end I had to open every single topic, put it in trash. save it, then re-post it. To get it to work.

    So when going to “tools->bbpress” the repair and recalculating is not working very great. How can I get this to work? Because, when I recalculate the freshnesh link for example, it removes all freshnesh links from the forum. It is only coming back visible when i add a new topic to a forum.

    I am very happy its only a small forum because I can play around to understand the functionallity. But, I am starting to get concerned what will happen when the forum will become bigger. Can someone explain to me, how to approach this situation?

    As a theme I use Sydney pro. I have searched if there are any conflicts but couldnt find any. Does someone know about problems with bbpress and this theme?

    I really like bbpress since its easy to make it look like I want but I dislike everything what I have experienced. To be honest I think, I do things wrong, but I cannot find any explaination to do it better.

    Can someone give me an advice?

    Oh and last part. It is not possible to import the replies since they are not visible in the dashboard. When I import them the published and all link show a number but the list keeps empty and it breaks the forum. There should be an easier way to do this I hope.

    So long story short, how do you all manage your bbpress forum and how do you fix this kind of problems?

    Sorry for any bad English.



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