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BBPress for HUGE forums? Capable?

  • superaven



    We’re contemplating moving our website to WordPress and are looking at integrated forum options to replace an older version of vBulletin we’re running now. I know vBulletin to WordPress bridges exist, but I’m hesitant as its been a nightmare bridging it to our current CMS and hoping to also not have to maintain two separate scripts, never mind theming them both as well.

    Anyhow, I was informed that BBPress shares the same database table as WordPress and that migrating a forum as large as ours would have a massively negative effect on our WordPress install and properly affect our posts pretty bad.

    Our vBulletin forum has approximately 180,000 members, 100,000 threads and roughly 6.5 million comments.

    Any suggestions on how we might best proceed in a forum solution should we go the WordPress route for the rest of our website? I did see Simple:Press and saw it runs off a different table… Hate to be superficial, but looking at the website, it doesn’t really inspire confidence. (no offense)

    Thank you in advance for any input or insight that can help us make a decision.

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  • siparker


    I recently moved VB to bbpress for my forum.
    i pruned a lot before moving.
    9k users now.
    20k topics
    115k replies

    I managed the import ok. the key to this is pateiance to a certain degree. the 2.6 alpha i am running worked better for the import than 2.5

    However. if moving from VB your in for a bit of a shock. as it does not work the same way. so please do double check everythign before you move. one of my other posts has a plugin to create VB like urls as i came from vbseo across to bbpress which has a very different hierarchy.
    however it does put your forum into wordpress which opens up amny other options. which is why i did it.

    If you need any help let me know and i will do what i can to advise what i ahve done / used to make bbpress more like vb.

    Two major things to not do
    Do not leave the default notifications enabled when you move the forum. mine sent every notification ever out again. somethign like 250k emails got sent every time i did the import.
    And on top of that i had several test versions so by the time i realised i had well and truly pissed a lot of people off.
    Secondly the basic spam filters bbpress uses are different to how vb works and will possibly block some users. I know new moderation stuff is due in the near future but its not in yet so the spam options available are a bit difficult to work with.



    Hi Siparker,

    Thanks for taking time out to reply and pass along insight. I think I’ll likely hold off a bit longer as I’m weary about whether this is ready for prime time on a really big forum (6.5m comments, 150k+ users). Honestly I don’t need all the bells and whistles so long as the links and pages are SEO friendly and there are robust moderation tools. Rest is just simple comment posting with some options for emoji’s, links, and photo / video embeds and uploads. Oh, and import tools!

    I would truly love to migrate over to BBPress. The lack of a performance optimized forum option is a huge void in the WordPress platform IMO. I believe once they get this sorted out and stable, that along with WooCommerce, it makes WordPress the only real player out there for the most part.

    Look forward to see this project mature, but can’t say it hasn’t been difficult remaining patient for the last two years as I wait for this to evolve to a point that it’s usable for us. currently runs bbPress 1.x, the plan to upgrade to 2.x is expected to be finished by the end of August. has ~8 million users, ~2 million topics, and ~7 million posts, we don’t expect any issues here, bbPress 2.6 includes lots of performance tweaks and as @siparker mentioned lots of importer improvements also.



    Based on my experience.. my advice to big forums is to use opcache + apply 1925.4.diff patch and be careful with long threads and too many topics under the same group/section.

    I have a website that is 1 yo but already have 27 million posts and is only online because of the 1925.4.diff that bbpress staff/helpers provided here:

    (BTW Thank you @netweb for looking at this ticket)

    Even with the patch… I have some trouble with long threads using too much cpu… so I’m always closing threads because of that.

    I also got in trouble with high cpu load when we have too many topics under the same forum… because of this problem.. from time to time I create new forums and make the old one a “museum”.

    My CPU consumption usually varies from 8 to 30. 40-50 on peak days.
    Without doing this “hacks” my website can’t survive… because the cpu consumption goes up to 500 until everything crashes.

    Thanks @davelr1, great feedback, we’ll write some PHPUnit tests and and do some benchmarks of the two solutions in #1925 next, hopefully that will help us make the right decision to move forward with this ticket 🙂



    Do any of the mods or developers have an ETA on when v2.6 might reach beta or perhaps latest stable release?



    Do any of the mods or developers have an ETA on when v2.6 might reach beta or perhaps latest stable release?

    From the July 13th blog post:

    Speaking of bbPress 2.6, we’re working on refactoring per-forum moderators now, and we’ll have a beta ready for everyone to try shortly!

    bbPress 2.5.10 – Security Release

    I’ve only ever had a handful of people ask and/or help on importing Xenforo to bbPress, I’ve been lucky that I’ve been given copies of the raw database to work on, thats the only reason the bbPress Xenforo importer exists.

    There are some bbPress forum tweaks that can be made to improve performance, and as pointed out some of those will ship with bbPress 2.6 (hopefully sooner rather than later), there are also further tweaks that won’t ship with bbPress 2.6 but can be added to further improve performance.

    Edit: This site is running on bbPress 2.6, by the end of the week so will, over the past couple of weeks bbPress 2.6 has been used to roll out ~25 international (Non English) forums across see:

    bbPress 2.6 is very stable right now 🙂



    bbPress 2.6-alpha is very stable, that’s right.

    But still slow on huge forums, and gets slower by using big subforums.
    My site has 75K topics and 1.100K posts

    -posting takes ~5 to ~10 seconds (sometimes it hangs and takes almost ~50 seconds)
    -Forumindex takes ~5 seconds to load
    -Put topic/post to trash by modarator takes more than a minute
    -Delete topic/post from trash by moderator takes more than a minute

    I hope developers can find a good fix to make this, otherwise my forum has no future

    @senatorman we’ve got a few more fixes in the pipeline tht have been implemented as part of also switching to bbPress 2.6-alpha

    FYI: Some quick stats: ~2.5 million topics, ~6 million replies and ~8 million users

    Jonathan Sulo


    I’m managing a bbPress 2.5.x forum with 10K+ users, 25K+ topic & 200K+ posts. It’s actually pretty fast:

    I’ve tried to minimize the number of plugins. The bbPress related ones are bbp style pack, bbPress – Report Content, bbPress Notices, bbPress WP Tweaks and GD bbPress Toolbox. However, our forum is a part of a Multisite network with 50+ active plugins (BuddyPress, WooCommerce, WangGuard, Akismet etc).

    There has been some optimization done here as well. We’re using GeneratePress, which is an excellent theme in terms of performance (and much more). The optimization plugins are primarily Gator Cache, Autoptimize and EWWW.

    On the server side we’re using Nginx with MariaDB and PHP-FPM (PHP 7). We also use Cloudflare and Redis. But it’s a single server setup, with ServerPilot and DigitalOcean (16 GB droplet, but we could easily use a 8 GB droplet instead).

    In my experience, the best things we’ve done for optimization is to use PHP 7 and Redis. Those things have had the most impact on our performance.



    This is a little old topic @jonathansulo, I’m running a forum with similar stats as yours in a OVH $10/mo VPS without CDN and loading extremely fast.

    Can’t believe you are paying $80/mo for such a little forum.

    Definitely I’m worried that bbPress is so resource intense then. I’m using SMF.

    Wow, surprised to see this thread just died?

    I am currently using Discourse for a community just starting:

    It is a community of ham radio operators. I started the community on Discourse, and I really love the snappiness and power, scalability (I am on track for 150k members by end of year).

    However, it lacks the social-network style features I would like from a bbpress + buddypress installation, which would also be nice because it would make my site fully wordpress for a more coherent user experience.

    I wonder how everyone else’s experience went?

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