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bbpress conflict with BuddyPress

  • billhood


    I followed the advice under: Using bbPress Forums with BuddyPress Group Forums

    It is possible and quite powerful to use both bbPress sitewide forums as well as BuddyPress Group Forums. A few caveats apply in order to ensure an easy setup:

    1. After installing and activating bbPress, please go to your admin dashboard under “Pages/All Pages” and find any page using the slug of “forums”.

    2. If such a page slug exists, as would be normally be the case if you first installed BuddyPress, it is recommended that you delete this page so as to free-up the use of the “forums” slug for bbPress.

    3. Be sure that you also empty the trash of this “forums” page to free-up the slug.

    4. You can then create a new page slug for BuddyPress Group Forums, using a different name. Eg: “Group Forums”.

    5. After creating a new page (Eg: “Group Forums”), go into Settings/BuddyPress/Pages and choose this new page to act as the placeholder for BuddyPress Group Forums

    6. Finally, go to Settings/Permalinks and click “Save” to ensure that you update your permalink structure

    All was going well until I got to Step 6 and when I saved it crashed the wp-admin. I have spent two days attempting to fix the problem to no avail.

    I have to turn off User Groups in Buddypress to get bbpress to load. When I turn on the User Groups and set the Group Forums at Settings/BuddyPress/Pages it crashes. Then I have to FTP Delete the bbpress and change the settings back in order to reload bbpress and take another run at it. Something is wrong.

    I am using bbpress 2.5.7, BuddyPress, with the BuddyBoss Theme and Child Theme and WordPress 4.2.2. All other plugins are deactivated.

    Any suggestions?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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