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bbpress and RTL languages

  • Roozbeh Rahmani


    i am trying to manage a bbpress forum in Persian (it is an RTL language) and i am facing some troubles.
    apparently bbpress does not support RTL languages in URL so whenever i have anything Persian in my URL i get a 404 error on the page and as you know bbpress by default takes forum/topic name to URL (i can not tell everybody on the forum to write topic names in English) what i want to ask is one of these two:
    * is there anyway to make bbpress support RTL language in URL?
    * if not, how can i change Forum and Topic permalink from “topic/forum name” to “topic/forum ID” (so i don’t have anything Persian in URL)

    thanks in advance for answers

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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