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bbpress 2.2.4 user profile pages so many serious issues

  • Shashank Shekhar


    Hello, I am using lates bbpress 2.2.4 plugin with wordpress 3.5.1, php 5.4.3 & php 5.3.2.
    This plugin is showing me many issues specially for user pages (profile, edit, etc.)
    I am using twenty twelve theme, very little customized.

    1) I wanted to set a different sidebar for bbpress forum pages than other wordpress pages, so I checked and found the default template used by bbpress is ‘page.php’. I copied it, renamed to ‘forum.php‘ and added a new dynamic sidebar and commented default sidebar. It worked fine and now I can set any widget to this sidebar. I have checked that either I place ‘forum.php’ or ‘forums.php’ both working fine similar. Not sure which one is more correct.

    2) On the bbpress users pages the profile content and edit form is not displaying full in widht cutting as its width overridden by sidebar, breaking layout. The content area ‘primary’ div is given a width in theme and having ‘secondary’ as sidebar. All other contents properly adjusted on every bbpress pages, but only this bbpress user profile edit page have the issue. The form should also be adjusted within the content area. Ex. url:

    3) Now, suppose to fix the issue mentioned above in point 3), I want to remove sidebar from users pages and give the primary content area more full width, how I can do it? One way is to forcibly hide the sidebar with css and make primary content wider with !important. But I want a way to change user pages template. Is it possible to have different template for user pages than bbpress other pages? I found that users pages also generating using ‘page.php’, in my case ‘forum.php’ template now. I tried alot by copying and changing ‘page.php’ to ‘user.php’, ‘users.php’, etc. but its not working. Please let me know how can I set user pages to use a different template file and rest bb pages use my forum.php or forums.php whatever.

    4) For any user when I click ‘topic started’ or ‘replies created’ link, both show counts properly but the table didn’t appear. I checked in firebug, it present there but hidden somehow. Same issue mentioned here , I tried with the same thing, but till now no proper solution there. Please let me know proper way to fix it.

    5) If suppose I want to completely hide the user-profile links on all bbpress forum/topic authors, on all bb pages, I mean want to display only author gravatars and usernames but want no link on them, so other people cannot go to their profile pages, how can I do that? A little help given here, but its not working properly. But I think it can be done with right filters in the same way. Please let me know with sample code.

    6) Used the official facebook plugin , and displayed the like button, like box for my facebook page using it in my site footer, header etc. But I found that on the user pages like edit profile, profile view etc. facebook widgets are completely disabled and not visible. On other bbpress forum pages they are displaying well. I checked with page source and found even facebook sdk is not embeded in page source. Their must be an conflict on bbpress user pages with facebook sdk which stopping it to be enqueued. This need to be checked and fixed.

    These all issues mentioned here are serious issues with bbpress specially for user pages and must be solved and have proper solutions.
    I dont expect from a single person to answer or fix all of above points, but hope different people will help me for different points (just mentioning points in their replies).

    Further I expect from bbpress authors to work on these issues and release a fixed version. May be some of above points just because of lack some documentation, so they can mention some solution in its FAQ itself, so people having same problems can get help without searching or posting here in forum.


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  • Shane Gowland


    Take a look at Widget Logic or Sidebars. These are plugins specifically made for adding different sidebars/widgets to specific pages. Manipulating widget areas is outside the scope of bbPress and is something you will need to implement yourself.

    This is a theme specific issue. bbPress could do more to accomodate different primary content area widths, but it’s quite easy to fix with a bit of CSS.

    You can create page templates for specific bbPress functions/pages by creating a /bbpress/ folder in your theme directory and copying your edited bbPress template files into it. It’s briefly mentioned in the codex, but I concede the documentation could be improved significantly.

    Further I expect from bbpress authors to work on these issues and release a fixed version.

    bbPress is an open source project (largely) developed by volunteers. To expect anything reeks of self-entitlement. The best way to make these things happen is to ask for help on specific issues, fix those issues and then contribute your fixes to the project.

    Shashank Shekhar


    Thanks for replying Shane! Me replying as per your points below:
    1) Yes I know manipulating sidebar is out of bbpress, but the templating of bbpress pages is within the scope. And so for the same, I already stated that I have used forum.php (just by luck it worked, where I used a different sidebar, and it accepted it instead of page.php). I just needed to know am I did the right template (forum.php, forums.php), since no where its documented to use a custom template for bbpress pages.

    2) I have stated that I have used twenty-twelve with very little customization. BBpress user pages should work as forum pages accomodating in it. Its not possible to easily do it, just one trick that I already explained is to forciby display:none the sidebar, and make primary area wider with !important. But this is not good in the case if I need sidebar on this page, or in the case to remove sidebar rather than just hiding it from visibility.
    This issue is not exactly theme specific as I already posted a link where other users facing it too. The thing is just little incompatibility of bbpress user pages with several themes.

    3) Yes I can use the template, but I didn’t find any template which wrapping up all the user pages like profile, edit-profile, topic started, replies created, etc. There are several files inside bbpress templates, but none are there which include header, footer, sidebar tags in them; they just have the inside-content portion. For templating user pages I need a custom template which it is by default taking page.php and now forum.php which I luckily made. So, let me know which file should I create inside my theme which wrap all user pages and other pages already working with custom forum.php made. I asked for the possibility of using two or templates for bbpress forum and user pages, rather than all falling on page.php, as per bbpress documentation.

    Further surely I asking for the help from bbpress authors and users, and just expecting to fix the things if they are the issue, or let me know the solution if exists which can help other users too.
    Also, I am also acting as a little volunteer, done some research and so stated how I was trying to fix and what ways solved my problem somewhat. And also posted some deficiencies of bbpress which if solved, make it more better. And I will surely post fixes if I get myself.

    So I hope my issues are more clear now, hope I will get better answer from someone.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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