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bbPress 2.0 vs bbPress 1.0.3

  • fontadoni


    Here’s my dilemma:

    I need to add a forum section to one of my sites ASAP. I have experience using the stand alone version of bbPress as I use it for two different sites and I feel comfortable using it. I’ve been testing the plugin version, which looks great but honestly I don’t have the time right now to look into it very much and I’m feeling a bit frustrated trying to make it work as I want to.

    My question is: Should I go with the stand alone version until things are stable enough and then migrate to the plugin version or am I getting myself into more trouble in the long run?

    Your advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Gautam Gupta


    If you have the time to properly integrate your themes, go for the plugin. If not, then standalone and migrate later (only if you’re integrating the user tables if you have a WP blog). :)

    Can any one help me for the installation of bbpress on wordpress.


    Gautam Gupta


    Tushar, I’d really appreciate if you could create a new topic for your issue and also post the problem you’re facing while installing bbPress 2.0 on WordPress. Thanks!

    Got it.

    Thanks for your quick reply.


    Hello Gautam,

    I have created a new topic on my issue but still no one reply me on that.

    Please reply it would be appreciated.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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