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bbPress 1.1 – Maybe Soon!

  • Gautam Gupta


    Just an update on what’s going on Trac – bbPress 1.0.3 milestone has 3 tickets left (all the tickets have patches and 1 depends on a BackPress ticket), while 1.1 milestone has 4 tickets left (2 have patches, and 2 need patches). There’s also another BackPress ticket that needs to be fixed (which also has a patch). That means that bbPress 1.1 is very near to its release!

    How can you help?

    1. Checkout a copy of bbPress trunk version via SVN and test it.
    2. Test the patches of the open tickets.
    3. Contribute patches to the tickets which don’t have one.

    What’s new in bbPress 1.1?

    1. Email subscriptions
    2. Loginless posting
    3. Better administration of posts and topics
    4. Better search and statistics
    5. Bug fixes. Some critical ones are – #1261 (RSS feeds errors), #1146 (faster recount functions), #1150 (undelete topic error).
    6. Better tags administration (if #1243 goes in)

    Some tickets that missed 1.1 milestone are #960 (better user administration) and #1277 (kakumei cleanup) even though they had patches but could cause errors as they were huge changes and needed more testing. They might get into 1.2 though.

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  • You can enable them from the dashboard first and then you can increase the size of the avatars in your theme by the link I gave you



    Is 1.1 coming out soon?



    Is 1.1 coming out soon?

    At the moment we still have 4 tickets to close.

    I suppose there will be a beta release in late autumn (I hope so), since more testing is definitely needed!



    I wouldn’t be in a rush for the 1.1 final release because it really will likely be quite final unless there is a security issue.

    Since the trunk isn’t polluted yet with commits from the plugin version, you can just download the trunk instead:

    actually I don’t think that will include backpress updates, so it’s all unnecessarily overly complicated unfortunately

    best way to do it is to install SVN as a client on the server which I have instructions somewhere around here…

    Yes! _ck_ is right. SVN would be hassle free –



    Both my installs are live, used, and svn trunk. After the next update I may switch to the stable tag depending on how reliable trunk is going to be in the future. My general feeling is: as long as trunk is used for the bbPress website, it’s good enough for me.

    Yes we are running the trunk here. After 1.1 don’t know if running a trunk version would make sense at all.



    Seems like we finally run out of tickets: candidate release date?

    I think that these are no longer published. September 15 bbPress comes as an additional part of WordPress with plugin.



    i quickly made a crash course on how to use svn (tortoise) to download latest version and it says ir downloaded version 2535 to my pc, tested it locally using wampserver but it says

    bbPress 1.1-alpha-2530 in the admin panel

    do i need to download each file from :

    to get version 2535?

    nope, you are at 2535 only.

    its just showing whats inside the file and not what its exactly is.

    Trust SVN here, it doesn’t get wrong ;)



    The revision is r2535 but the text in the admin panel comes from bb-includes/ around line 299. That text needs to be changed manually every time you check in code. Looks like they forgot to change it the past couple times.

    I just updated it, so if you check out a new copy, that will be the only file changed, you will have revision 2536, and it will work exactly as 2535 did when it said 2530 in the admin.



    Thanks ashfame and Chris

Viewing 13 replies - 26 through 38 (of 38 total)
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