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bbPress 1.0-alpha-3 released

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  • thenokiablog


    i currently have an installation of wordpress 2.6.5 integrated with bbpress 1.0a2. I want to update to wordpress 2.7 but I think it will break the integration.

    To my understanding, 1.0a3 will integrate with wordpress 2.7?

    Is this what I need to do?

    Step 1. Update WP from 2.6.5 to 2.7

    Step 2. Update BB from 1.0a2 to 1.0a3

    Woah. Whatever the heck changed, I now have integrated login! Minus the admin side (still have to login again to get to WP admin) but …

    We’re not worthy!

    Sam Bauers



    The problem you note will go away if you force logins to occur in bbPress. I am going to write a plguin for WordPress which fixes the problem you currently have.


    Sounds reasonable…. backup first!

    Oh, irony. Now it’s not working (cleared my cache and purged cookies to test something else).

    John James Jacoby


    Alpha 2 works pretty well but 3 seems a no go until Mr. Bauers finds what’s broken.

    Curious Sam if you test this on a live environment yourself, or what the process is?

    Upgrade from A2 to A3 went smoothly for me.

    Login Sync still doesn’t work but it solved a delay issue for me when users hit the post/reply button until the message was actually displayed (almost 15 seconds with A2, now almost instantly).

    No probs with Plugin’s either.

    Looking good, thank you!

    Sam Bauers


    The problem with synced logins between WordPress and bbPress is now solved in trunk.

    Look out for a new download release in the next couple of days.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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