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bbPress released

  • Finally it is here.

    More info is on the blog post here.

    Found a bug? Tell us about it here.

    UPDATE: we found a bug and squashed it, thus is born. Sorry to all those very early adopters.

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  • _ck_



    Many thanks Sam and MDA for all the bug fixes

    and feature enhancements.

    0.9 is a big leap IMHO for bbPress, really makes it solid.

    I just realised there is little in the way of community acknowledgement in the blog post.

    I want to thank the people who helped test bbPress 0.9 while it was in development, especially those on #bbpress who poked and prodded it so much.

    Special thanks to _ck_ and da3rX who put in a lot of testing in the final few days.

    I’ve installed the new version of BBpress, and evrything works just great, and the integration into WordPress is also great!

    I’ve installed a copy over here (in dutch):

    is this compatible to wp 2.5 only ?

    ok. it is. i just tried it but got a php error (function “wp_set_password” missing).

    i just added that as an empty function @ line 1 in index.php and could login. after that i activated the md5-password plugin.



    Hi! Thanx! I have a question. Installer says:

    bbPress is already installed, but appears to require an upgrade.

    Perhaps you meant to run the upgrade script instead?

    I click on upgrade script and it says:

    You’re running in safe mode which does not allow this upgrade script to set a running time limit. Depending on the size of your database and on which parts of the script you are running, the script can take quite some time to run (or it could take just a few seconds). To throw caution to the wind and run the script in safe mode anyway, remove the first few lines of code in the bb-admin/upgrade.php file. Backups are always a good idea.

    Any idea?



    I remove the lines and appears this message:

    Warning: in_array(): Wrong datatype for second argument in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 535

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /var/www/vhosts/ in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 2248″



    I follow and It seems bbpress admin has dessapeared again… I’m going to repet all the proccess…



    no… i have no bbpress admin…


    i installed an older version and tried to integrate with wp

    then i updated successfully wp, but no bbpress

    so i deleted all de bbpress and i tried to install again…


    Will existing themes work with the new version?

    If you have issues with while logging-in, here’s quick workaround to fix that problem.

    Hey guys thanks for all your work on this project, I appreciate much, now I’m off to open my new present. :)

    We’ve just released a new version that fixes the log in failure occurring in upgraded installations. Version is now available for download.



    I have tried to install new forum 0.9 but during installtion it shows the error ” An old config.php file has been detected in your installation. You should remove it and run the installer again. You can use the same database connection details if you do.”

    Please check out the error details at

    We do not have another forum so no question of old config.php is there




    My Members are called Anonymous, when they write a comment on WP…



    My wp-config doesn’t have a secret-key yet step 2 requires it.

    @lost, It is a new, optional entry for WP 2.5. You can just add it to your wp-config and pick any key you like:

    define(‘SECRET_KEY’, ‘put your unique phrase here’);

    Anyway, is great! Good job all!



    hi, I figured that out around the same time you commented.

    Unfortunately, that addition breaks WP 2.5. I can no longer login… it says “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

    … it does that anytime I try to do anything admin related.

    As soon as I remove the secret-key that I added, everything is back to normal… *sigh* of course this would mean that the secret key in bbpress is no longer valid.

    @ obiztekworld

    You may not have a config.php file here:

    But you do have a config.php file one level up here:

    Which the installer is detecting. Move that file and you can get going with the install.

    @ lostdeviant

    Sounds like you just need to logout and then log back in to WordPress once you have changed the WordPress Secret Key



    Yay! Thanks so much for all your hard work. I can’t wait to upgrade!



    For those that already downloaded 0.9 there is only one file that changed (pluggable.php)

    If you already had 0.9 you only need to replace these two files to move to (and the second is just for the version number change)



    Sam, It doesn’t let me log out or log in once I add a secret-key. as long as the secret-key is in the wp-config, it just says I don’t have sufficient permissions.

    Can’t the bbpress install allow that field to be left empty?

    Not if you want to share cookies between WordPress and bbPress.

    I think you need to ask on the forums why adding a secret key messes things up. Technically, even though you are using an integrated installation, bbPress does not touch WordPress.

    Side note: if you have the integration plugins installed, you will need to remove them. They are no longer required.

    There’s a bug in the style sheet. Though to be fair it was in the last version too. If your post is only a line or two, the ‘Custom Title’ merges with the RSS feed option, making it look bad and you are unable to click the rss link

    This is with the standard themes.

    What would also be useful is somewhere in a user’s profile something telling him how to update his avatar.

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