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bbp style pack suddenly stopped taking effect???

  • Mahunkhal


    Hi there, i’m pretty new to this so i may well be doing something wrong but i just installed bbpress, got the bbp style pack to make it easier to pimp out my forum and i made 1 single change to see what was what… I changed the background colour to black from default. I went out of the room for 20 minutes, came back and went to make more changes but now it doesn’t want to change anything at all. I’ve tried changing the background colour back with no effect. I’ve disabled my caching plugin to see if that was having any effect but nay…..

    I’ve even deleted ALL options from the bbp style pack options but it’s kept the styles on the page which is even stranger.

    Please can someone help with this if they can as i’ve spent a whole week attempting another forum plugin only to realise that it was pony and i should have gone with this one in the first place but now i can’t this one to work either haha. 🙁

    my website is but it’s nowhere near a complete site just yet.

    Thanks in advance for any help at all 😉


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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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