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bb_logout() from external site

  • This may seem like a strange request so I’ll try to describe the whole situation. I have a couple of web applications I have tied together by creating an OpenID Provider server for the main app, and configured bbpress as a Consumer using a modified version of the OpenID Plus plugin. Everything works great except logout. Since each app controls its own session information separately, logging out of one does not log out of the other. I can hook into bbpress’ logout to call the appropriate function in my main app, but the opposite direction is proving difficult.

    In my logout function external to bbpress I have the following:

    require ('../forum/bb-load.php');


    but receive this error when its executed:

    Fatal error: Call to a member function suppress_errors() on a non-object in ***/forum/bb-includes/ on line 63

    Line 62 and 63 from the file in question

    global $bbdb;


    I don’t understand how it could get as far as this line without setting $bbdb in bb-settings.php. Any ideas?

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