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BB Press Forum with UAM (User Access Management) Plugin

  • I created a forum that is intended to be only visible to logged in users who have been elevated to a higher access role (“Members”).

    I use the User Access Manager plugin to designate the roles/groups. When logged into the site in Admin, everything works fine (user can have access to all forum topics and post). When not logged in at all, it is fine (users can’t access anything).

    However, when a user is logged in as a “member”, with bb_participant access, the forum topics do not show up in the right column widget of the home page, and when they click on Forum page, it says “Oh bother! No new topics…”

    If this is a question for the UAM plugin developer, I will go there. I am new at WP, so am just not sure and would appreciate any advise.

    If you need to login as a “Member” to see what happens, use test:

    user name: erica

    password: test

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  • So the problem you’re saying is even though the Forum has 2 posts, they don’t show up for a “normal” member, right?


    So does anyone have a resolution to this issue?

    It’s complicated now, they way you have to use the plugins to tweak user permissions. I’ve never had good luck with that, so I can’t really be much help.

    Hopefully in a future version this can be handled in bbPress itself, via #1805.

    Hey jaredatch, I see that johnjamesjacoby replied to ticket #1805 that this would be possibly added to a future release? I can’t figure out how to contact him. How can I get an approximate time frame in which this may happen? I have to tell my client something. I am so frustrated as I had to launch their site without the forum and about to have to tell them they can either have it only public or not at all :-(

    I figured it out! There is a plugin called ‘Members’ that allows you to make the forum private, then allow certain users to access it and see all the topics.

    Here is the link I found on this BBPress Forum with the information.



    Hi ericaski,

    I can help you for getting this solution. I’ll use bbPress 1.0.3 (standalone)version. I’ll integrate same design, database, users & cookies for you. bbPress standalone solution have more features with bunch of available extra plugins to enhance forum taste comparing with current WordPress plugin. bbPress plugin is also good, but currently it seems bbPress full fledge cms can achieve your requirements list.

    Interested? You can contact me via pagalsoch (at) gmail (dot) com for more help.

    Thank YOU

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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