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bb press clashing with buddypress

  • fab_pj


    Hello there, I am running my website on WordPress 4.2.1
    bbpress version is 2.5.7 and buddypress version is
    Now, I have a private set of pages, and within these pages I have my forums and members only content. I was so glad to have buddypress and bbpress working together happily ever after, but then out of the blue once I clicked on ‘allow buddypress to have its own group’ my wordpress went into the ‘white screen of death’.

    I am not a developer, but thank goodness I know how to deactivate my plugins.
    Long story short, if I activate one of the two (either buddy press or bbpress) everything works fine. Once I active them both, BAM, white screen of death appears.

    I know that Envato themes have been having issues with plugins recently, but I find it odd that the white screen happened as soon as I ticked the option. I deleted and reinstalled the whole thing, and now it appears to work as long as I don’t click on that option.

    thought you’d like to know, this is the website for reference:

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  • Robkk


    sorry for the seriously late reply , but its a known issue with BuddyPress Groups and is still being worked on.

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