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BackupBuddy Question

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    I am setting up a deployment site using BackupBuddy and wanted to kind of start with a fresh install of WordPress rather than just move my entire site and all of the files over all at once. I have tested out a lot of plugins in the past and I am always a bit of a clean freak and a little paranoid about what files the old plugin left or things they configured, so settings up a new WordPress installation from scratch and just moving over the plugins and data I use would be ideal (I think) since this way would leave all the unused files and old stuff behind.

    So basically BackupBuddy told me to contact each plugin author to make sure that all of the files I would need to transfer that their plugin uses are located in their plugin’s folder.

    Is this true? If there are any files that your plugin uses that aren’t in your plugins folder, could you let me know where they are located so that I can configure BackupBuddy to send those as well?


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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