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Avatars/Gravatars & Version 1.0-alpha-6

  • Hi,

    I’m about ready to launch a BBpress forum version 1.0 alpha 6, that’s integrated with WP 2.7. Everything is looking good, but I’m not able to get Avatars (specifically Gravatars) to display on the BBPress side. They’re showing up perfectly on the WP 2.7 portion of the site.

    I’ve tested a bunch of different combinations in the BBPress admin just to make sure that a bit wasn’t flipped the wrong way. I’ve tried all different levels of Maximum Ratings, Show Gravatars (checked/unchecked) and even played with the default images. No luck.

    Anyone have any suggestions? Is this a known issue with V1.a.6 by chance?


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  • I can’t replicate this with the latest SVN and the default theme as gravatars show up. I see what you mean though. Does it work with the default theme for you? That theme you are using might not support gravatars?

    @Trent. Thanks for the reply. Hmm, I hadn’t thought about it being an issue with the theme. I didn’t give gravatars a try on the default theme, so I can’t confirm. And not easy to test with the site in the wild now. I think next steps is for me to research the theme and see where that takes me. BTW, is “SVN” software version number? Thanks!



    svn is short for “subversion” a version control system:

    “The latest SVN” means checking out the latest version of the code using the software called subversion. You can do that instead of downloading and unzipping, and it makes upgrades and modifications easier as well.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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