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Avatar upload plugin

  • Hello!

    I’m a beginner in web business and now I do my first site. I do it on WordPress MU+ Buddy Press+bbpress.

    To bbpress I decided to install some plugins.

    I installed Avatar upload plugin, read instructions, did all.

    But I bump into a problem.

    On the User’s Profile menu is a tab Avatar. But if I push this tab I go to index page of my forum. There is not a page, where I can upload my avatar.

    How can I resolve this problem?


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  • Fortunately, a post by Transom addressed this in the discussion on this plugin’s download page. It’s simple, no worries. Page 6 I believe.

    Thanks, Parity.

    I did changes in avatar-upload.php and a page where I can upload avatar appeared. But now I can’t save this avatar.

    I select avatar in my computer, upload it to forum and avatar disapperas.

    And in posts there is a place for avatar, but there is inscription: User has not uploaded an avatar.

    How can I correct it?


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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